The First Four European Champions Cup Fixtures Of Bath Rugby Are Confirmed

The Black, Whites and Blue at home will take on Treviso to start their quest of Pool 5.

Bath Rugby will start their campaign of European Champions Cup by hosting Benetton Rugby Treviso (BRT) at the Rec.

In the pool 5, the Italians are the team that are lowest seeded and except the bonus-point nothing will satisfy the coaches in case the Black, Whites and Blue are to play against the Toulon and Scarlets and if they progress to the level of the quarterfinals in the championship. This will also bring the positivity in the team. So, the team has to work really hard.

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Sensible Decision By Bath Rugby

A decision has been made by Bath Rugby to keep George Ford on rest for the next games.

George Ford, an England international player that played maximum games of the Six Nations will be taking a weekend off mandatorily in the four weeks of the following tournament. George Ford is bath Rugby’s one of the best fly-half. He started showing interest in the game when he was 11 years old at Rishworth School before he joined Leicester when he was 16. He was in fact the first Englishman to have won IRB Junior Player of the Year in 2011. Also, he was the youngest winner.

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The game between Bath and Gloucester had not started on a good note for Bath as there had been a few slip-ups.

However, they were able to pick up momentum, hold onto a 17-10 before Gloucester equalized, thus ending the game in a draw. However, Todd Blackadder – the Director of Rugby for Bath – has said after the game that he did not hold any high expectations before the game, but came off very pleased by the performance of his players.

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Director of Rugby for Bath Rugby, Blackadder recently talked about some of the leadership positions in the club and went on to explain he choose Matt Garvey and not Guy Mercer to be the on-field captain.

He also went on to talk about how and why he prefers to divide up Bath Rugby’s leadership roles.

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Bath Baby Born On The Road

That title might be confusing. But here is the deal.

A Bath Rugby fan was stuck in open day traffic. As the parents get stuck in the traffic, the baby almost born on London Road. Well, the parents Jennifer Miller and Phil are huge fans of Bath Rugby. Being diehard fans of the club, they wanted to give birth at Bath’s Royal United Hospital. They rushed to the hospital when her water broke. However, she had to give birth to the baby while stuck in the traffic. The baby was born around lunchtime. It’s a girl and they named her Megan.

Bath Rugby is also delighted to hear this news as they have a brand new supporter of the club. They hope that this new supporter will be lucky for them in the upcoming games. Even if not, they are more than happy to have this little fan. How did their story get media attention? Well, it was filled with so much drama, as is the case with all the Bath stories.

Well, on the day she was born, Phil was all set to go to the stadium to see his home team play. The team was supposed to play against Worcester. But he had to cancel all his plans when his wife Jennifer went into labor, which was fast moving without any doubt. They live in Holt and left for the hospital assuming that they will reach the hospital in 30 minutes. It was university open day. And it was game day for Bath Rugby. Now you can imagine the kind of traffic on the road.

Phil wanted to use the bus lane. But being a police officer, Jennifer didn’t let him do that even though she was screaming in pain. After a while they realized that they wouldn’t make it to the hospital on time. Well, now you know how we have the story of the London Road baby.

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Bath Ends The Season On A High

Bath rugby team is on a high as they defeated the Tigers with a thorough run.

Peter Betham and his strategies were good and effective in defeating the Tigers. Mike Ford is the head coach for Bath team, stated that the win was great for him. However, in terms of how the team performed, it could have been a lot better. He felt that the motivational speech at half time did the work. It helped drive in the energy required by the team to win. They were able to put in the extra energy as well as extra yard that were required for the win.

Bath team definitely ended their season on a high. They welcomed Leicester Tigers at the home ground Rec. They did not maintain good form through the season though. In order to reach Aviva Premiership final they had to put up a lot of struggle last year. This year the team was in better shape. However, there were still a lot of doubts as to whether they will be able to play the final game well. That is because some of the players were injured before they were ready to play against Bath.

There was several other ambivalent information that made fans unsure at first about how the team will perform in the final match. The medical chief of the club and Amanaki Mafi had some altercation. Twitter also showcased news of Horacio Agulla leaving the team by the end of the current season. As a result, it was not sure how the team would perform in the final match. Once the team started to play against the Tigers, there was a lot of tension in the air. However the final session saw them pulling through. As a result, the team and their fans ended the season on an optimistic note.

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Bath Move could affect Wales future

Rhys Priestland, the fly half for the Welsh region side Scarlets has said that his summer move to the Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club Bath Rugby may as well be harmful for his career as a Welsh international.

Warren Gatland

Warren Gatland, the head coach of the Wales Rugby Team favours players based in the country while selecting his line up for the national team.

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Bath Rugby Team’s Coach Thinks Exeter Will Be Under Pressure In Saturday’s Match

The coach of Bath Rugby Union team, Neal Hatley is of the opinion that Exeter, their opponent in the match scheduled to be held on 28th February, Saturday, will be under a lot of pressure.

The match will be held at Sandy Park. So far in the competition, the Bath Rugby Union team has not been able to win three matches. Two matches out of three that they have lost were against Northampton Saints and Saracens. Northampton Saints team is currently in the topmost position in the competition and the Saracens team currently holds the third place.

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Bath Rugby boss says Burgess will be ready for Saxons call up

Mike Ford, the head coach of Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club Bath Rugby has said that he expects Sam Burgess to be ready for selection by the Saxons by the end of this month.

The 26 year old has made seven appearances for the Premiership club since he signed for them in October after switching codes from the Rugby League.

Stuart Lancaster, the head coach of the England national team will be making an announcement of the squad for the Six Nations this month but Ford believes Burgess will be named the England Saxons squad that will face the Irish Wolfhounds on January 30.

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