Bath Baby Born On The Road

That title might be confusing. But here is the deal.

A Bath Rugby fan was stuck in open day traffic. As the parents get stuck in the traffic, the baby almost born on London Road. Well, the parents Jennifer Miller and Phil are huge fans of Bath Rugby. Being diehard fans of the club, they wanted to give birth at Bath’s Royal United Hospital. They rushed to the hospital when her water broke. However, she had to give birth to the baby while stuck in the traffic. The baby was born around lunchtime. It’s a girl and they named her Megan.

Bath Rugby is also delighted to hear this news as they have a brand new supporter of the club. They hope that this new supporter will be lucky for them in the upcoming games. Even if not, they are more than happy to have this little fan. How did their story get media attention? Well, it was filled with so much drama, as is the case with all the Bath stories.

Well, on the day she was born, Phil was all set to go to the stadium to see his home team play. The team was supposed to play against Worcester. But he had to cancel all his plans when his wife Jennifer went into labor, which was fast moving without any doubt. They live in Holt and left for the hospital assuming that they will reach the hospital in 30 minutes. It was university open day. And it was game day for Bath Rugby. Now you can imagine the kind of traffic on the road.

Phil wanted to use the bus lane. But being a police officer, Jennifer didn’t let him do that even though she was screaming in pain. After a while they realized that they wouldn’t make it to the hospital on time. Well, now you know how we have the story of the London Road baby.

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