Bath Ends The Season On A High

Bath rugby team is on a high as they defeated the Tigers with a thorough run.

Peter Betham and his strategies were good and effective in defeating the Tigers. Mike Ford is the head coach for Bath team, stated that the win was great for him. However, in terms of how the team performed, it could have been a lot better. He felt that the motivational speech at half time did the work. It helped drive in the energy required by the team to win. They were able to put in the extra energy as well as extra yard that were required for the win.

Bath team definitely ended their season on a high. They welcomed Leicester Tigers at the home ground Rec. They did not maintain good form through the season though. In order to reach Aviva Premiership final they had to put up a lot of struggle last year. This year the team was in better shape. However, there were still a lot of doubts as to whether they will be able to play the final game well. That is because some of the players were injured before they were ready to play against Bath.

There was several other ambivalent information that made fans unsure at first about how the team will perform in the final match. The medical chief of the club and Amanaki Mafi had some altercation. Twitter also showcased news of Horacio Agulla leaving the team by the end of the current season. As a result, it was not sure how the team would perform in the final match. Once the team started to play against the Tigers, there was a lot of tension in the air. However the final session saw them pulling through. As a result, the team and their fans ended the season on an optimistic note.

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