Director of Rugby for Bath Rugby, Blackadder recently talked about some of the leadership positions in the club and went on to explain he choose Matt Garvey and not Guy Mercer to be the on-field captain.

He also went on to talk about how and why he prefers to divide up Bath Rugby’s leadership roles.

This season has seen notable players like Matt Garvey, George Ford, Guy Mercer and Rhys Priestland take leadership positions in the team, either on their own or with the other as co-captains.

At the Stoop last Sunday, the honor to lead the club as captain was given to Garvey, despite having named Mercer as team captain when the season began.

This had left some of the journalists and fans confused so Chronicle had asked Blackadder why he prefers leadership positions to be dynamic.

Blackadder had gone on to explain saying,

“Being club captain is about the team and welfare side of it – making sure all the players are happy.

“On the field, Guy has been leading the team in the Challenge Cup and Anglo-Welsh Cup, which still gives him that on-field leadership.”

“Garvs is going to be a regular Premiership starter for us, as is George. I think it’s really good to share the on-field leadership.”

He noted that it would be hard for any of the players to take on leadership positions both on the field and off the field as he sees it as something that could be incredibly draining, considering the demands and length of the season.

The director of rugby was quite happy with his choice of Mercer as captain as be believes he has been done quite well and setting good examples.

“I’ve been really impressed with what Guy’s done off the field,” he had added.

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